Part III: Detailed Case Study

The Ignite | IoT Methodology presented in Part II was developed by analyzing best practice and M2M/IoT case studies, such as the ones discussed in Part I. Naturally, these projects did not use the Ignite | IoT Methodology, because it was not available at the time. So, the next important step for Ignite | IoT is to enter a validation phase where we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed methodology and fine-tune it based on what we learn. One of the first projects to be fully developed based on the Ignite | IoT Methodology is the IIC Track & Trace testbed.

Track & Trace is a solution that Bosch Software Innovations is currently developing with its partners Tech Mahindra, Bosch Rexroth, and Cisco. The goal is to enable management of hand-held power tools in manufacturing and maintenance environments. This “management” involves efficiently tracking and tracing these tools to ensure their proper use, prevent their misuse, and collect data on their usage and status. A phased approach will be used.

The next chapter (“Background Information”) provides general background information about the Track & Trace testbed. The subsequent chapter (“Developing Track & Trace with the Ignite | IoT Methodology”) describes the full plan/build/run cycle for the testbed.