IoT Technology Profiles

The “IoT Technology Profiles” section looks at different technologies that are often used for IoT solutions. The technology profiles we have identified have been clustered into seven groups, including Devices, M2M Hardware and Software, M2M Backend Communication, Generic Middleware, User Interaction (including web, mobile, and human-machine interaction, or HMI), Security, and what we have termed Platforms and Enablement.

Technology Profiles

Technology profiles

Our aim is to provide an overview of the key technologies and how they relate to the other concepts described in the Ignite | IoT Methodology, in order to provide project managers, product managers, and solution architects with an overview of the different technologies and a better understanding of when to use them and when not, depending on the profile of their project. We have attempted to follow the template presented in the figure below. In practice, however, it proved impossible to describe all of the Technology Profiles using exactly the same template, because the technologies are simply too diverse. Nevertheless, the general idea is to provide a high-level overview of the technology, the underlying technical architecture, and how it fits into the AIA, before discussing how the project dimensions of a particular project can help to indicate whether or not the technology is a good fit.

Technology Profile Template

Technology profile template