Structure of this Book

This section provides an overview of the three main parts of this book:

  • Part I introduces some important IoT application domains and case studies. The focus here is on the enterprise side of the IoT, with applications such as automotive and transportation, manufacturing and supply chain, energy, and other industrial applications (hence the name “Enterprise IoT”). A general discussion of the application domains is followed by a set of associated case studies. Our analysis of these case studies provides the basis for our Ignite | IoT Methodology, which we introduce in Part II. To ensure that the case studies are presented in a consistent way, we will use the same approach in both Part I and Part II.
  • Part II outlines the Ignite | IoT Methodology. This methodology is based on the best practices and lessons learned from the case studies in Part I. Ignite | IoT looks at both the enterprise level as well as the product and project levels. The general aim is to provide IoT practitioners with actionable guidelines on how best to implement an IoT strategy and related projects.
  • Part III presents a detailed case study of a project that was implemented using the Ignite | IoT Methodology. Most of the case studies in Part I were analyzed retrospectively, since our methodology was not available when these projects were first started. The case study in Part III was implemented using Ignite | IoT Methodology right from the outset.

The following figure provides a visual overview of the book:

Structure of this book

Structure of this book

Depending on your specific background and interests, we recommend that you use this book as follows:

  • IoT strategists will most likely be interested in Part I and the first element of the Ignite | IoT Methodology (IoT Strategy Execution).
  • IoT project managers and product managers will also like Part I, and will find a lot of value in the Ignite | IoT Solution Delivery section in particular.
  • IoT solution architects will browse through Parts I and II, but might want to start by looking at Part III in more detail, as this is a hands-on example of the Ignite | IoT Methodology in use.

We will begin by introducing some key Enterprise IoT concepts before moving on to Part I. We hope you enjoy this book and look forward to receiving your feedback.