IoT Project Dimensions

In order to be able to capture information about IoT projects in a structured way, the Ignite | IoT Methodology defines a group of five IoT Project Dimensions with five to ten subdimensions per group (approximately 40 subdimensions in total). For each dimension, Ignite | IoT defines a scale from 1 to 4 with definitions for each scale level.

The five main groups are Asset and Devices, Communications and Connectivity, Backend Services, Standards and Regulatory Compliance, and Project Environment. An overview of the five groups and the associated dimensions can be found in the diagram below.

IoT Project Dimensions

IoT Project Dimensions

Each IoT Project Dimension defines a scale from 1 to 4. 1 indicates “Low/Simple” from the perspective of the project manager, while 4 means “Complex/Challenging.” For some dimensions, it is possible to quantify the different scale levels, while for others we have to use a qualitative definition. Some examples are provided in the screenshot below.

Project Dimension Scales

Project dimension scales

The basic idea is that the IoT Project Dimensions should be used to conduct project self-assessments, compare different IoT projects, and select the solution architecture and technologies to be used in a project.

Use Cases for Project Dimensions

Use cases for project dimensions

For project self-assessment, an Excel template containing the IoT Project Dimensions can be downloaded from the Ignite | IoT website. Project managers can use this template like a questionnaire to go through the project dimensions. The end result is a Kiviat diagram (or “spider diagram”) that provides a visualization of the input. This process will help project managers to obtain a better understanding of the risks and challenges involved in their projects.

For project comparison purposes, we are currently building up a database of IoT projects that we have analyzed using the Project Dimension template. This database will also be made available on the Ignite | IoT website.

To provide support for the technology selection phase, our goal is to end each IoT Technology Profile with a discussion of the suitability of the technology with respect to the different IoT Project Dimensions.