We live in fast-moving times, so not everybody will read this book from cover to cover. In order to help you to better navigate this book, we have provided the following “Structure of this book” section to provide a visual overview of the book’s structure and some advice on where different types of readers should focus. Think of it as the program you might get at the opera.

Just as the overture warms up the crowd, our “Overture” section provides some background, introduces the main characters, and asks a number of questions that we hope to answer as we progress. By the way, spectators are allowed to talk during an overture (but not during a prelude, or so we are told), so all comments in the online edition are very welcome.

Like in any good opera, there are numerous characters, each linked by complex relationships. The “Enterprise IoT” section provides definitions of the main elements of IoT and introduces different IoT scenarios to explain the relationships between the different elements.