Part II: Ignite | IoT Methodology

Efficiently managing the transition towards IoT-based business models is becoming increasingly important for many companies. The strategy for this transition needs to be defined and managed at the enterprise level, while the implementation of new IoT solutions and the enabling of existing products for IoT usually happens at the project level.

Based on our own experience, the analysis of the case studies presented in Part I of this book, and many expert interviews, we have collected a set of best practices for both IoT strategy management and project execution. The Ignite | IoT Methodology is based on these best practices, and consists of two parts:

  • Ignite | IoT Strategy Execution: Helps enterprises to define their IoT strategy and prepare the organization for IoT adoption. Supports the creation and management of a portfolio of IoT projects to support the IoT strategy. Mainly relevant for COOs, CTOs, corporate strategy, and product portfolio management.
  • Ignite | IoT Solution Delivery: Supports product managers and project managers in the planning and execution of IoT-solution projects. Covers the plan, build, and run phases of IoT projects.


Ignite IoT Methodology

Ignite | IoT Methodology Overview