Status definitions for book pages

To be used in page status overview

  • Green: #81d742 – reviewed by editor and fully approved
  • Purple: #8224e3 – “locked” by copy editing team
  • Blue: #1e73be – solid draft, ready for copy editing
  • Light blue: #92c3f4 – solid draft, but authors are still working on details
  • Yellow: #eeee22 – Bullet points for storyline plus key diagrams
  • Red: #dd3333 – No storyline, no diagrams

Images and References

To include images, always use “Add Media” in the editor (not lightbox, etc).

To link to images, see example below:


This is a caption

This is a reference to the figure above. To get this:

  • Look up the image ID in the text editor
  • To insert, use “Insert Link” from the menu, then “#”+ID